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Hemofem Capsule

Hemofem Capsule

Hemofem Capsule is a unique and powerful iron supplement for adults. Hemofem Capsule is a product that is helpful in removing a deficiency of iron. Hemofem Capsule can also be used to restore the energy lost with menopause and enhance physical strength, which helps protect against fatigue and stress-related exhaustion.

  • It contains L-Methylfolate which is helpful in protecting against disorder of the neural tube.
  • Each tablet of hemofem contains iron to remove the deficiency of iron in the human body.
  • Hemofem Capsule contains Vitamin B12 which helps in better development of the human body.
  • Each tablet of Hemofem has zinc that removes zinc deficiency from the body.
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Product Details

Iron deficiency is a serious condition that can result in anemia. Even if you are a healthy adult, you may not be getting enough iron in your diet. A lack of iron occurs when the amount of iron you take in is not enough to replace the amount you lose each day. The loss of iron can happen through a variety of means and has many causes. These include blood loss, sweat loss, and poor diet. To remove iron deficiency from the human body we create Hemofem Capsules. Hemofem Capsule is a naturally improving hemoglobin increase tablet that helps improve your menstrual cycle, by giving women more strength and vitality. Hemofem Capsule also offers superior nutrition for men's and women’s bodies during their younger years. The superior formula of Hemofem Capsule is a great alternative to blood transfusions and helps to obtain optimal hemoglobin values.

Our Quality Promise

We are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare products. Our products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your health.

Nutritional Information

Each Capsule Contains

Amount per serving

Iron Bisglycinate Chelate


equivalent to


Elemental Iron



75 mcg

Vitamin B12




mg = milligram

mcg = microgram



For Adults: Take (1) one capsule daily, or as directed by a healthcare provider. The recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded. Nutritional Supplements are not substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of living.

  • Vitality and Strength
  • Better Iron Absorption
  • Men and Women of all ages
  • Women during the monthly cycle


Pregnant & breast-feeding women shall consult with a health care provider before use. Store in a cool & dry place. Protect it from sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.


Why has the Hemofem Capsule been developed?

Hemofem capsules have been developed as an essential nutritional supplement that is primarily intended to offer all essential nutrients. It contains organic compounds that include vitamin B12, particularly to support the body's overall health and well-being. It is often designed for people who have unique nutritional needs, such as those with iron deficiencies. It also contains L-methylfolate, which is required for the prevention and treatment of folate deficiency, which can cause anemia, weakness, fatigue, and other health problems.

When is Hemofem Capsule recommended?

Hemofem capsules are dietary supplements that are frequently advised in a variety of scenarios when individuals may benefit from additional nutritional assistance when there is a nutritional shortfall. Every individual can benefit from it without any age restriction, be it elderly people from different age groups or athletes, and it is known for its everlasting effect.

What do I need to know before starting to use Hemofem Capsule?

Hemofem capsules should only be used after a thorough consultation and assessment of your dietary requirements. It contains all the necessary nutrients that are well suited to your dietary habits to keep your body sound and healthy.

Can I Take Hemofem Capsule and Macfem Plus Together During Pregnancy?

Hemofem capsules, in general, have a modest amount of nutrients, containing all the essential micronutrients that keep our bodies running. It gives pregnant women enough iron to treat an iron deficiency during pregnancy, although it is recommended that you consult with your doctor for your dietary or nutritional assessment.

How L-Methylfolate is different from folic acid?

The fundamental distinction between L-Methylfolate and folic acid is their chemical structure and how they are used by the body. L-Methylfolate is the active, readily available form of folate, whereas folic acid must be converted enzymatically. The decision between the two can be influenced by a person's specific health demands.

Who can take it?

Hemofem Capsule is an iron supplement, is usually advised for people who have special nutritional needs or are at risk of iron deficiency. It is appropriate for the following types of people: Active folks, mostly athletes It can help pregnant women who need iron, as well as those who have excessive menstrual flow.

Is there any side effect of Hemofem Capsule?

Neobiotic’s Hemofem Capsule is a dietary supplement that serves to overcome an iron deficiency and strengthen your immune system. Because of its nutritional importance, there have been no reported side effects.

Can I use it with other medicines?

Neobiotics Hemofem Capsule has numerous nutritional benefits and can be used in conjunction with other medications. It contains the necessary number of vitamins to keep you energized and stress-free.

Is it registered?

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has approved all of the medications, we sell, and they are all manufactured in compliance with current good manufacturing practices (GMPs), which ensures that they adhere to strict guidelines for required safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.



Promotes red blood cell production, nerve health.



Supports the immune system, skin health, and wound healing.



Improves iron levels, and boosts energy.